Action Storage’s eXtreme® Locker Helps Rejuvenate Swimming Pool Storage

Since its launch last year, the ‘Free Swimming Capital Modernisation’ scheme has funded over 10 million free swims and improved the facilities at public swimming pools across the country. The scheme is set to continue into 2011 and to assist councils taking part storage equipment specialist Action Storage has announced details of how its eXtreme® plastic lockers are the perfect option when installing new swimming pool lockers.

The eXtreme® locker is robust, hygienic and highly vandal resistant. Made of water proof polyethylene plastic, the eXtreme® locker can be stacked alongside the swimming pool or in changing room areas without fear of it rusting. It’s also weather resistant, making it perfect for providing secure storage next to outdoor swimming pools.

With high standards of hygiene crucial at leisure centres, the eXtreme® locker can be cleaned with chemical disinfectant and sprayed with a high pressure hose. Drainage holes in the locker’s base lets water drain out, enabling them to be left to air dry without the need to dry them manually.

Security and keeping valuable possessions safe is also a key factor when choosing swimming pool lockers. The eXtreme® locker’s hinges have been tested to 7 times FIRA standard and can withstand up to 3200N without breaking. In fact, the eXtreme® locker is so tough that it can resist break in attempts with a claw hammer.

Three locker sizes are available, which can be easily stacked on top of one another and maximise the use of wall space. They can also be supplied with camlock, swivel catch or coin dispenser locking options enabling them to be used by different people throughout the day.

Along with the eXtreme® plastic locker, Action Storage can also supply leisure centres with waterproof plastic benches. These provide an economic, hygienic and durable option for changing room areas or for stacking next to the swimming pool. The plastic changing room benches are available in three bright colours and can be easily disassembled for thorough deep cleaning.

Swimming Pool Locker