Visit to China: eXtreme Plastic Locker®

Action Storage System’s Director Tom Brialey made a significant and game changing trip to China in October 2012 to inspect the first commercial run of the Injection Moulded (IM) version of the eXtreme Plastic Locker®. This production run was carried out after initial trial runs. For the last 5 years the product has been manufactured in the UK by a method of Rotational Moulding (RM).

However the company wanted to find ways to manufacture the product more cost effectively and faster. The Rotational Moulded version will remain in production but the Injection Moulded version will replace it over the next few years. At present there are 3 models of the locker and only the tooling for the small 450mm high version has been developed in IM form. The other two models will follow in 2013.

The first customer to take delivery of this product was Saddleworth School in Oldham. They took delivery of 840 lockers which were installed by Connect Office Services. All the lockers were installed outdoors. It is a huge feature of the product that it can be located outside without corrosion.

The examination of the first production run was a complete success. The manufacturing process for the IM model is very different to that of the RM model and several technical challenges arose and were subsequently overcome. The other striking benefit of the IM locker is the reduced variation on tolerance compared with the RM model.

Now that this product can be manufactured competitively and to a higher quality in China, it enables Action Storage Systems to confidently export it to markets in the Far East including China.

Visit to China: eXtreme Plastic Locker