Overseas Trade into Japan

Action Storage Systems is actively seeking distributors overseas in an attempt to grow the business in these difficult economic times. In October this year they have set up a new distributor in Japan for the sale of their eXtreme Plastic Lockers®. Koyo specialise in the sale and manufacture of locker systems from their base in Nagano and were established in 1961. Koyo sell throughout Japan and employ fifty sales people to directly cover the whole of the country, with a Sales office in Tokyo.

Action Storage Systems has now started to manufacture the eXtreme Plastic Lockers® in China. They maintain a representative office in Shanghai and own the tooling which produces the lockers. The manager of the representative office, Shi Xiao Qiang, approached the Japanese company Koyo in 2010. Subsequently two visits were made from the UK to take samples and discuss this product’s position in the market. It took time and patience both on the part of the Shanghai Office and the UK distributor Sales Manager Martin Quigley, but eventually the deal was struck and the first container load was delivered.

It is the first encounter that Action Storage Systems have had with a Japanese company. However it is noticeable that their attention to detail and their insistence on high levels of quality for service and product, mark them out as being very discerning customers. Action Storage Systems were very pleased with the help they received from the UKTI with some advice on the market place and funding towards travel on one of the sales trips.

This is an unusual export in as much as the goods were made by a Chinese manufacturer, with UK owned tooling, sold to the UK Company and then re sold and directly delivered to the Japanese company. The profit from the transaction comes back to the UK. Action Storage Systems see this as the first step in opening up the market in the Far East and intend to find distributors in all the neighbouring countries.

eXtreme Plastic Locker Export to Japan