eXtreme Plastic Locker® Development Program

Action Storage Systems moved a big step closer to launching the new Injection Moulded eXtreme Plastic Locker® last week. Company Director, Tom Brialey, visited their R&D facility in Taizhou in Zhejiang province China, to inspect the latest test run using the new tooling.

eXtreme Plastic Locker Development Program

Currently Action Storage Systems manufacture a range of 3 Polyethylene plastic lockers in the UK using the Rotational Moulding method. However they now receive orders from Australia and South East Asia for this product so it makes sense to start manufacturing the product in China.

The two big advantages of setting up this new production is that there are savings to be made in manufacturing cost and transport, making the product more desirable to the market. Also the speed of production increases six fold, enabling Action Storage Systems to respond to growing demand.

Once the 450mm high model has passed all the tests, instructions will be given to manufacture the tooling to make the 600mm and 900mm high models.

Taizhou is a large industrial city located on China’s Eastern Seaboard,  5 hours south of Shanghai and one hour south of the port Ningbo. The city has a large cluster of companies engaged in the production of injection moulded components. The concentration of knowledge located there made it the ideal place to develop the new design. The new injection moulded locker will have closed vents, locators for 2 internal shelf levels, and will accept a wider range of lock options. These will include the current cam lock, swivel catch and coin return lock, and also add a coin retain lock and a combination lock.