8 Benefits Offered by eXtreme® Plastic Changing Room Lockers

Providing safe storage facilities is essential for any gym. When purchasing changing room lockers you want to ensure they’re secure, resistant to damage and enhance your gym’s facilities. The modern eXtreme plastic locker® range fulfils these requirements and offers extra benefits over conventional steel or pine lockers:

  1. Exceptionally secure – the hinges on eXtreme lockers® can withstand nearly 3200 N of pressure without breaking. Their hardened polypropylene doors can even prevent break in attempts by a claw hammer, and offer your gym members complete peace of mind knowing their valuables are safe whilst they’re exercising.
  2. Easy to clean – they can be sprayed with a high pressure hose and simply left to dry. Drainage holes allow water to drain away, eliminating the task of having to dry them by hand.
  3. Rust and corrosion proof – because they’re plastic you don’t need to worry about dirty patches of rust appearing when they’re sprayed with water or if damp towels are left in them overnight.
  4. Hygienic – changing room lockers are used by different gym members throughout the day, which means they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent germs spreading. eXtreme lockers® can be thoroughly cleaned with hoses and disinfectant, enabling high standards of hygiene to be maintained.
  5. Low maintenance – their hardened plastic material ensures eXtreme™ lockers won’t dent, chip or require periodic repainting.
  6. Attractive - without the risk of dirty patches of rust, dents or chipped paint appearing, eXtreme lockers® will enhance the appearance of your changing rooms and make them a smarter, more pleasant area for your members.
  7. Long lasting – the combined benefits of being rust proof, easy to clean and dent proof gives eXtreme lockers® an exceptionally long lifespan, making them a smart long term investment.
  8. Stack outdoors – eXtreme lockers® can be stacked outdoors (e.g. for use in combination with a cycle shelter) without rusting or deteriorating in the weather.
8 Benefits with eXtreme Plastic Lockers